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connect-learn-succeedThe SAE Alumni Association is the SAE Institute’s student and graduate network. True to our motto “Connect, Learn, Succeed!”, we have spent the last decade growing an unparalleled network of media professionals dedicated to supporting one another in succeeding in the industry and staying on top of the game.

Active membership in social and professional networks is becoming increasingly important. A long-standing tradition in international academic institutions, Alumni Relations extends its services not only to graduates, but also to current students, fostering communication between learner and professional. The resulting network and interpersonal connections can be a driving force in an individual’s studies and career.

The unique SAE Alumni Network is the perfect platform to connect with lecturers, fellow students and the industry and to maintain and develop social and professional relationships.

Our international community currently consists of approximately 10,000 members in Europe alone. Almost every SAE campus operates a local alumni chapter, headed by a chapter president who attends to local alumni and sends out periodical newsletters including job offers, news, industry discounts as well as invitations to workshops, seminars and other events.

SAE Alumni membership is free! The sole requirement for joining is an SAE diploma.

Connect. Learn. Succeed.

The main services of the SAE Alumni Association are…


Job Portal

jobs.sae.edu is the job portal for SAE graduates, offering alumni-exclusive access to current job offers, open to all holders of at least one SAE diploma. Thus, we guarantee highly qualified candidates to the industry and valuable exclusivity to the members of the SAE Alumni Association.

For certain positions, chapter presidents may approach suitable candidates directly.

The job portal currently features between 300 and 400 new jobs and internships across all departments each month. Already firmly established in the German-speaking countries, the portal is being introduced in other parts of Europe with increasing success. According to Google Analytics reports, the job portal is accessed by more than 2,000 individuals each month.

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Pay-lessAlumni / Student Store

Beyond the graduate network, SAE Institute has developed close contacts in the industry over the years, with partner companies offering substantial discounts to students and alumni to help build their professional brand. Manufacturers of software and hardware products, trying to appeal directly to young professionals of all departments, jump at this opportunity and offer discounts of up to 50%. Participating companies include leading manufacturers such as Apple, Adobe and Avid.

Store offers are reserved for students and alumni of SAE Institute. Logging in requires a valid member ID.

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ConventionSAE Alumni Convention

The SAE Alumni Convention is a free networking event for creative-media development and technology enthusiasts. Socialising and connecting: the keys to the media industry.

Bringing together like minds and sharing the know-how to succeed in the creative-media and entertainment industries, the SAE Alumni Convention offers a myriad of opportunities for research, education and business development – the perfect forum for networking and exchanging ideas.

SAE Institute – the world’s largest network of creative-media colleges with 54 campuses in 27 countries – is at the very heart of global creative-media innovation and education.

The two-day event features a trade show, a series of industry seminars and master classes and a VIP party with a live band and DJs. In keeping with SAE Institute’s educational mission, the trade show brings together over 60 exhibitors and more than 90 top brands of the music / pro audio, film, gaming and web industries showcasing their latest products and services.

Visitors can attend over 60 seminars presented by international industry professionals revealing tips and tricks of the entertainment trade.

Connect, learn, succeed!

Details are available on the SAE Alumni Convention website.

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AwardsSAE Alumni Awards

The SAE Alumni Awards are our highly acclaimed creative-media competition.

Calling all film-makers, music producers, game programmers, web wizards and cross-media journalists! Present your work to the public and receive the recognition you deserve! Show us what you’ve got, and win for yourself and your alumni chapter or campus! For many participants, the SAE Alumni Awards serve as a stepping stone to a successful career in the industry. The competition is open to all.

The award categories are:

Best Film Production
Best Music Production
Best Games Production
Best Web Production
Best Cross-Media Production
… of the Year

Details are available on the SAE Alumni Awards website.

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SAE Alumni Chapter Activities

Even outside the big convention, the SAE Alumni Association provides much more than just online services. When dealing with real people, nothing can replace personal contact. Alumni campus life offers many highlights.

Workshops and Master Classes
“Life-long learning” is more than just a phrase: continued success in any field requires keeping up with the times. That is why alumni chapters in cooperation with SAE Institute offer high-class workshops and master classes. Many of these events are free of charge!

Regular Round Tables
Regional regular round tables provide ample opportunity for an informal exchange of ideas and for socializing. Here you can meet former students as well as established alumni and members of the media industry.

Community Events
Throughout the year, campuses and chapters organize barbecues, football tournaments, foosball challenges and more. Celebrating together is a big part of who we are.

Local Industry Contacts
As industry relations officers, SAE Alumni chapter presidents maintain close ties with the local industry, so staying in touch with the chapter is an easy way for you to keep on top of what’s going on in your region.

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Alumni-Card-2015-blue-frontGet in Touch!

Got questions? Simply contact the chapter president of your closest SAE campus, who will be happy to answer them!

SAE Alumni Chapter Presidents
Click here to get to list of the european chapter presidents!

SAE Alumni on Facebook
Alongside our pan-European Facebook page, many chapters maintain their own local Facebook page or groups. Check them out and touch base with your chapter president to get involved!

Become a Member:
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SAE Alumni Coordinator Europe

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SAE Alumni Headquarters

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SAE Alumni Merchandise

Get your SAE Alumni or SAE Institute shirts, caps and other branded items right here:

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Archiv-Collage-HeaderSAE Magazine Archive

Looking for old issues of SAE Magazine? Find them in our online archives in PDF format.

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